Your Cut Opinion of the Uncut

If you are a cut man and like giving handjobs and blowjobs to other men, answer some questions for us:

(Put your answers in a comment below by clicking on comments)

1) Do you have a preference if your man is cut or uncut?

2) When enjoying an uncut man, do you like how his foreskin glides so easily over his cock head? Does it make it easier for you to give him a handjob? Would you rather have some lube for your play or do you find the foreskin is enough to make him cum?

3) When sucking on that uncut dick, do you generally pull the prepuce all the way down to just enjoy the head? Or do you like to stick your tongue under the foreskin and play?

4) Do you think uncut guys have more sensitive nerve endings and can be more easily stimulated than cut guys?

5) Aesthetically, which is more beautiful to your eyes -- a cut cock like your own or a cock still in its natural state?

Thanks for answering these questions in the comments below and feel free to embellish your answers and tell all!