Chinese Student's Opinion of Being Circumcised

Chinese cock~
Male, 18 years old
Sichuan Province, China
He writes: “living in the northeast of Sichuan Province, love watching adult videos (gay or straight) and masturbating. never suck or make love with other people, drink tea, coffee and milk, read newpaper every day, always very busy, study all day long, get up early and [go to] sleep late every day, have no much time to have a rest, although tired, I think it's ok. Learning is an interesting thing, I know what I should do, good good study, day day up! I can have a break on the sunday afternoon:)

I don't know if I'm gay, I don't care~”

I contacted him and asked him a few questions:
ahh, so many questions, haha, I try to reply all.

Q1: Why are you cut?
honesty speaking. I don't know :p my father pushed me, so I don't like my father~

Q2: At what age were you cut?
very young, about 9 years old, hehe

Q3: Do you like being cut or do you wish you were uncut?
of course I don't like being cut!! if I had choice then, I would cut my father!! haha~
Q4: Are most Chinese men cut or uncut?
you know, China has a large population, only a small part cut, but it's still a big number :P

Q5: Your English is so good -- how did you learn English, in school?
really? hha, thanks! yah, I've studying English for 6 years in school, and I'm still student now, I will enter the University Entrance Exam this year:)

Q6: Do you speak English with other Chinese?
not really, Chinese people speak Chinese :P and I often speak dialect instead of mandarin. there r many different languages in China, but all belong to Chinese

Q7: Have you traveled outside China?
nope, no time + no money, I wish I could travel western countries especially Arabic countries one day:

[I commented that I had been to Beijing and Taiwan and found them very interesting.]
I have been to Beijing too, and there is very beautiful!
I'm glad to hear that u like China, welcome to China again!
and I love ur big cock, ahh, white people's cock r always big :P
Follow-up discussion:
Q1: At age 9 when you were cut, did you father give you a reason for the surgery?
nope, he didn't tell me :P

Q2: From your comment that you would like to cut him, he must be uncut?
yeah, he is uncut and he has a big cock:)

Q3: Do you have brothers who were cut also or are you an only child because of the one child policy?
yeah, I'm only child, but not because of the policy:) I don't have brother, but I have cousins, they r uncut.

Q4: Isn't the Sichuan province where the big earthquake occurred? Did it affect you?
yah, the earthquake occurred here, it affected me a lot in emotion, those days we've been afraid very much and, but I'm lucky that I'm still alive and nothing losed:)

Q5: I am sure that you will have no problem with your University Entrance Exam since you are so intelligent. What do you wish to study?
thanks first of all, but my study is not good, math and physics are two challenges for me, I wanna study english:)

love ur cock very much, white people always r strong! hha~

Some more pictures of his circumcised penis:
Note that his circumcision scar is very irregular and poorly done.

This fine young Chinese man is a remarkable example of his culture, and I wish him a happy and successful future.  It is too bad that he was forcibly circumcised against his wishes at age 9 which must have been very painful for him and causes him resentment against his father.

Auguste Rodin

After my discussion of Michelangelo's David in an earlier post, you may realize that I really appreciate sculpture.  The earliest sculpture that I have seen is that of the Greeks in a museum in Athens.  Perhaps I will elaborate on that in another post, but today I want to discuss a modern sculptor's works.

Auguste Rodin was a famous French sculptor who lived from 1840 - 1917.  Several museums have been dedicated to his work including one in Philadelphia.  Probably his most well known works are The Thinker and The Kiss.  Actually the original inspiration for these works were part of the relief in Rodin's Gates of Hell based on Dante's Inferno.

You will notice The Thinker in the transom at the top over the doors.  Here are pictures of The Thinker and The Kiss:

The Thinker
Rodin himself said: "What makes my Thinker think is that he thinks not only with his brain, with his knitted brow, his distended nostrils and compressed lips, but with every muscle of his arms, back, and legs, with his clenched fist and gripping toes."

                                 The Kiss                 

However, my favorite is one of his earliest works -- The Age of Bronze.  It is a lifesize depiction of a young man, and he was even accused of making the plaster from an actual young man.  That was not true as he actually carved it though he may have used young men as models of beauty which he wished to depict.

The Age of Bronze
Many would argue that sculpture is very static and stationary since it is after all, statuary.  Personally, I do not agree since I see fluidity and motion, especially in this particular work.

Another great art form that I appreciate is ballet.  Choreographers seem to appreciate the motion in Rodin's sculpture, which is apparent in this beautiful ballet choreographed by Michael Smuin:
'The Eternal Idol'     (A Tribute to Rodin)
The Eternal Idol