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Intact 24 year old Dude from Singapore

Well im a 24 years old dude from Sunny Singapore, straight by the way but sadly still a virgin. I enjoy cycling, reading, enjoying long walks, surfing on the Net, playing my Xbox 360 and PC. You know a average guy. I have receive countless comments about my longer than usual foreskin because i think they're kinda rare

I masturbate whenever i can which varies widely from once to twice a day to once a week if im busy. Its easy because uncut just slides up and down easily. Sometimes i use a Fleshlight which always feels awesome.

I wish i can get laid soon lol
[So to his contribution to UncutPlus, I responded with a few questions, to which he added some more information:]

I note from your ID that your country of origin is China. Were you born in China or Singapore.

Im a born and breed Singaporean, for such a modern society like Singapore, talking about sex or related topics is still taboo because being Chinese, we are still relatively conservative.

Please tell us more about sexuality in Singapore -- for example, what the government and cultural attitudes are towards sex. Why do you think you are a virgin still at the age of 24? Would you say that guys like yourself remain virgins longer there than in other countries?

On being a virgin at 24, i really have no idea maybe im too introverted or dumb to get laid hehehe

You are straight, but have you met some gay men?

Ive not met any gay man face to face but ive met several on-line (who offered me a blow-job no less)

Are gay men accepted in Singapore?

Gay are perceived to be abomination if you will in Singapore they are generally ostracize in my opinion, having sex with another man is actually punishable by law here.

You say "I have receive countless comments about my longer than usual foreskin because i think they're kinda rare." It is a very nice package when you are both soft and hard. So who makes comments about your dick? Other guys in the showers or locker rooms? Are they envious? Are they circumcised? Are most men in Singapore circumcised or uncircumcised? When would you compare your dick with other dicks?

As for the comment parts, people on and my buddy in Police academy has said that my longer than usual foreskin because i think i'm the only dude in my whole squad who isn't circumcised. I think they are just curious because they are cut. I would compare my penis with other only if they ask for it. I think most Singaporean are circumcised but me and my brother are intact.

Singapore seems like a very modern society, although I have not visited it. Are you still a student? Or do you have a job there? Just tell us a little more about yourself to make an article interesting.

I graduated from school years ago but im half studying / working as a IT Support.


OK, so did you read the last post.  If you did you might be able to answer this question:

What are perineal, peroneal, and perianal?

A - They are all the same, just typos and mispellings.
B - Two of them are between the legs.
C - Problems with this one causes numbness and a foot drop.
D - All of the above.
E - Both B & C.
F - None of the above.

[No cheating -- don't look down for the answer.  Decide now!]


The answer is.............................

E.  Both B & C are correct.  The perineal area is the region between the anus and the genitals, and the perianal area is the region around the anus.  The peroneal nerve is located from behind the knee down to the foot.  Problems with this nerve can cause both numbness and a foot drop (peroneal palsy).  Women in particular have a habit of crossing their legs at the knee, which often entraps the nerve resulting in the above problems.

Perineal Raphe

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The perineal raphe extends from the anus, through the mid-line of the scrotum (scrotal raphe) and upwards through the posterior mid-line aspect of the penis (penile raphe). It is observed as a noticeable line.

It is the result of a fetal developmental phenomenon whereby the scrotum (the developmental equivalent of the labia in females) and penis close toward the midline and fuse. The resulting ridge of tissue is evident as the perineal raphe.
A raphe is sometimes described as a suture line, and indeed when you look at the underside of the male genitals, it appears that two sides have been sewn together.  Involving the scrotum especially, it seems to extend all the way to the base of the glans corona where the frenulum appears.

Here are some more examples:

And finally note how the treasure trail here appears to extend the line up to the navel: