Be very careful, men !

They May Sell Superglue, as well!


1. the # of homes you have lived in the: Longest? Best? Worst?
     Childhood home = 20 years
     Coral Gables, FL = 17 years
     Family farm = 7 years
     Wilmington NC = 20 years
     I have fond memories of all my homes.
2. the # of cars you had: the best?

     I have owned 13 vehicles.  My mother owned a 1960 Ford Starliner which I loved!  After that, I had an Austin Healey 3000.  I very much liked my 1980 T-Bird, my 1990 Honda Accord, and my 1995 Volvo.  The worst car I ever owned was a Ford Granada, which could not get out of its own way.
3. the approximate # of sexual encounters you have had.
    Many, too many: would need an abacus as I don't have enough fingers & toes.
4. the # of siblings you have. Your #?
     I was an only child until my adopted brother (actually, my cousin) came to live with us.
5. the # of careers you have had: Best? Worst?
     Retired now, I have only had one healthcare professional career, but 6 different employers over the years in Florida and NC.
6. the # of music albums you have. (all formats combined)
     ??? 200 plus.  Not to mention about 300 movies and hundred of books.
7. the # of operations you have had.
     Three, but all minor: T&A, muscle biopsy, and broken wrist.  I have had much more serious hospitalizations for chronic diseases.

the # of significant others you have been in love with.
     Five men + one woman.

TMI Question: Who You Gonna Call?


1. What kind of smart phone do you have?
     Palm (HP) Veer 4G with WebOS that unfortunately HP abandoned,
     so I am in no man's land without many apps and no updates.

2. Necessity, accessory or my right arm?
     Necessity, because it is my only phone.  
     Got rid of the landline 6 years ago.

3. Top three favorite apps?, calendar and angry birds.

4. How much do you use your smart phone for calling, texting 
    and data (email, games, movies)?
    There is only one person that I text with, but we text back and forth
    a lot because he does not like talking on the phone.  All my calling 
    and receiving calls is on this phone.  Whenever, I am away from 
    my desktop computer, I use the Veer for email.  Angry Birds is the 
    only game I play on this phone, but I have a two old Palm phones l
    lying around that I keep charged for playing solitaire.  One of them 
    stays in the bathroom for when I have to sit a spell.

5. Phone sex? Sextxting? Hookup apps?
     Not really.  Occasionally my emails get raunchy with my boyfriend.

6. Has your smart phone replaced your camera?
     Yes, unless I am planning on some serious photography 
     and then I bring along my Nikon.  The phone is great for 
     spontaneous pix and video which you had not really planned on.  
     Haven't had to video a tornado yet!


   It's 3 am. You're in trouble. What's the trouble and who do you call?
      So far haven't had to, but if it were serious like car trouble, 
      it would be my son because he is near by.  However, anything else
      would be with my boyfriend.  I do call him round midnight.

Update - January 2013

Last month, I upgraded from the Veer as I was having 
problems with the battery staying charged.  It might last for 
one conversation.  My two year contract was up and ready 
for renewal, so I decided to upgrade to an Android model as 
I don't particularly like Apple products.  After a lot of research, 
I chose to go with the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  

So I went from the smallest model with a small screen to a giant 
display!  The Android OS (jelly bean) is incredible.  The battery 
life just goes on and on.  I find myself using my desktop computer 
much less these days instead opting for the "phone."  So far, I am 
extremely pleased.  And no, it is not too large in my opinion, but 
then I have large hands.  Most of the time I use bluetooth 
headphones or speaker phone, so do not hold it up to my ear 
that much.