Today, August 15, marks the one year anniversary of UncutPlus!

It would not be a blog without its readers, so I am thankful for each and every one of you, especially those of you who so loyally follow along.  There are lots of kinds of blogs out there with different purposes and many of them attract a lot more readers than UncutPlus.  And that is just fine, because I am in a race with no one for the most of this or the most of that.  The blog is named UncutPlus for a reason.  It's first and foremost purpose has been to educate and encourage parents to leave their infant boys intact.  The Plus is added for additional content that from time to time, I think is educational and entertaining.  I hope that you have found it thus.

Even though it is not the most frequently viewed, it has still wildly surpassed any expectations that I had.  Here are just some of the first year statistics:
45,275 - Absolute unique visitors
57,182 - Visits
1,262,771 - Pageviews
79% - New visitors
21% - Loyal returning visitors
143 visitors who have logged in over 200 times.
769 visitors who have spent more than 30 minutes/visit.
50%  of visitors looked at more than 20 pageviews/visit.
656 visitors read the blog on their iPhone.
422 visitors read the blog on their iPod.
Visitors came from 155 countries/territories.
Visitors came from 4 cities in China.
Beijing visitor spent 15 minutes looking at 40 pages.
Shanghai visitor spent 24 minutes looking at 19 pages.
(Google Translator translates the blog into the visitor's native language.)

Top 10 countries:
1  - USA
2  - United Kingdom
3  - Germany
4  - Canada
5  - France
6  - Australia
7  - South Korea
8  - Spain
9  - Italy
10 - Brazil

Top USA states: California and New York
Top USA city:  New York City

Thank You, Readers!