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Size matters? Testicle size linked to nurturing

John Bacon, USA TODAY  4:14 p.m. EDT September 10, 2013
Men with smaller testicles are more likely than their well-endowed brethren to be involved in the care of their toddlers, anthropologists at Emory University report.
The higher the testosterone levels and larger the testicles, the smaller the amount of direct paternal caregiving by dads as reported by parents in the study.
"Our data suggest that the biology of human males reflects a trade-off between mating and parenting," Emory anthropologist James Rilling, whose lab conducted the research, reports on the Atlanta university's website. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published details of the study this week.
The goal of the research, Rilling says, was to determine why some fathers work harder at parenting than others. "Previous studies have shown that children with more involved fathers have better social, psychological and educational outcomes," he told the school's website.
Rilling noted that "life history theory" holds that evolution optimizes use of resources toward mating or parenting to generate the largest number and healthiest offspring.
The report notes that economic, social and cultural factors could also influence a father's level of caregiving. Although statistically significant, the correlation between testicle size and caregiving was not perfect.
"The fact that we found this variance suggests personal choice," Rilling says.
The study included 70 biological fathers who were living with their toddler and its biological mother. The mothers and fathers were interviewed separately about the father's involvement in tasks such as changing diapers, feeding and bathing a child and caring for a sick child.
Magnetic resonance imaging also was used to measure brain activity and "testicular volume."
"We're assuming that testes size drives how involved the fathers are," Rilling says, "But it could also be that when men become more involved as caregivers, their testes shrink. Environmental influences can change biology."
Some researchers question the study's findings.
Lee Gettler, an anthropologist at Notre Dame who has conducted research on how men respond physically to father-child interactions, says the study assumes that larger testicles translate to more "mating" by men. But they don't, Gettler told CNN. "Large testes do not make you act promiscuously or badly as a parent."
Abass Alavi, a researcher with the University of Pennsylvania, told CNN that size doesn't even determine how much sperm is being created.
"What is important is how much sperm the testicle is making," he said. "Some geniuses have very small brains."

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30 South African men killed in ritual circumcision


 AFP    Published July 07, 2013
Botched circumcisions killed 30 young men and landed almost 300 more in hospital during traditional initiation rites in a South African province, the health department said Sunday.
The 30 deaths in rural Eastern Cape province occurred during the annual season when young males undergo a rite of passage into manhood.
Ten other youths were hospitalized after being rescued from a forest on Sunday, said provincial health department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo in a statement.
"The ten initiates' private parts are rotten. They are badly damaged. Their condition is scary," he said.
A further 293 young men were undergoing hospital treatment for dehydration, gangrene and septic wounds, Kupelo added.
Some had lost their genitals.
Teenagers from ethnic Xhosa, Sotho and Ndebele groups typically spend around a month in secluded bush or mountains areas for their initiation to manhood.
This includes a circumcision as well as lessons on masculine courage and discipline.
Traditional surgeons perform the procedure in the bush, sometimes with unsterilised instruments or lacking in technique.
Botched circumcisions leading to penis amputations and deaths are an annual tragedy.
In May around 34 deaths in two other provinces were reported.
The ruling African National Congress said Sunday it was "distressed" over the latest deaths.
It called for basic medical training of the traditional surgeons to render "an entrenched and necessary part of our cultural fabric" safer.

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Male Circumcision Tied to Less Sexual Pleasure

 By Andrew M. Seaman
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Feb 14 - Men circumcised either as children or adults report less intense sexual pleasure and orgasm than their uncircumcised counterparts, according to a new study from Belgium.
"We're not saying less sexual activity or satisfaction, but sensitivity," said the study's senior researcher Dr. Piet Hoebeke, from Ghent University Hospital.
The new study surveyed 1,369 men over the age of 18, who responded to leaflets handed out in train stations across Belgium.
The men were asked whether they were circumcised, and were then asked to rate how sensitive their penis was, how intense their orgasms were and whether they experience any pain or numbness when aroused.
Overall, 310 men who took the survey were circumcised, and 1,059 were not. Each rated how sensitive their penis was on a scale from 0 to 5, with higher numbers being the most sensitive.
Overall, uncircumcised men reported between 0.2 points and 0.4 points higher sensitivity and sexual pleasure when their glans was stroked during arousal, compared to circumcised men.
For example, uncircumcised men reported an average sensitivity score of 3.72 when they or their partner stroked the top part of the glans, compared to 3.31 amongst circumcised men.
Uncircumcised men also reported more intense orgasms.
"It's not a very big difference in sensitivity, but it's a significant difference," Dr. Hoebeke said.
Currently, about half of U.S. baby boys have their foreskin surgically removed at birth, and about 30% of men around the world are circumcised.
Some religions, such as Judaism and Islam, consider circumcision part of religious practice, while other people choose circumcision for possible health benefits - including a reduced risk of urinary tract infections (see Reuters Health article of Dec. 7, 2012).
One possible explanation for any potential difference in sensitivity is that a man's foreskin may protect the glans from rubbing against underwear and clothing. It's possible, the researchers write, that friction makes the head of the penis thicker, drier and ultimately less sensitive.
The researchers also found circumcised men were more likely to report more pain and numbness during arousal than uncircumcised men, which Dr. Hoebeke said is likely due to scar tissue.
"I'm amazed that people report pain during sexual pleasure... That's very amazing and that was unexpected," he said.
BJU Int 2013.
Feb 14, 2013 - Reuters Health Information

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Dreaming of a handjob . . .

The other morning, I awoke to the most wonderful dream.  My fist was around my boyfriend's dick, which was so HARD that it felt like wood!

But then the reality set in.  My hand indeed was around HARD WOOD, but it was the hard wood of my Windsor Spindle Bed:

What a disappointment!!!

I was expecting something more like this:

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