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A Breeder's Journal

The Breeder in his blog, A Breeder's Journal, recently asked his readers to remember their first sexual shame!  Be sure to read it and see what comments revealed.

Well, this surely did bring back a memory of mine before I reached puberty.  Here is my comment:

  1. I was a pre-puberty 10 or 11 year old, and had been walking around my neighborhood, when I really need to pee and was not close enough to return home. Nearby was a neighborhood service station, so I went in the men's room to pee. On the wall was a condom machine, and for 25 cents I could buy a package of 3 condoms. I did not know what condoms were or were for! But I did have a quarter in my pocket and so of course I bought them.

    When I got home, I went to my bedroom and opened one of the packages and found this balloon like device. I played with it for a few minutes, but couldn't decide how to use it. The remaining two condoms I tossed into my bookcase headboard.

    So later my mom cleans my room and finds the unopened condoms. She calls me into my bedroom and proceeds to give me a lecture about not having sex with girls (she didn't know that I was gay, nor did I) and that I should not have sex with girls even with a condom! Well all this at the time went completely over my head, but I knew I had done something wrong and felt great shame. My curiosity got me into a lot of trouble that day!
    1. Uncutplus,

      Hilarious! I'm curious whether the story became a funny one that got bandied about at family gatherings, or whether it was never referred to again?