What is harder than morning wood?  Why is an erect penis referred to being as hard as wood or as steel.  Why is it called a boner?  Does it have a bone in it?

My mother was a student nurse when she was in her early 20's before she married my dad.  I don't know if she had any first hand knowledge about a man's penis, whether it be soft or hard.  But as part of her training, she had to scrub as an operating room nurse; she was assigned to prepare the surgical instruments for an upcoming operation -- the amputation of a man's penis.  So on the tray she placed a pair of rongeurs, which are used for cutting bone!

Needless to say, she became the laughing stock of the surgical team.  My guess is that she was still a virgin, had no experience, and planned on being prepared!  At least, she didn't include the orthopedic saw among the instruments.  She would tell this story on herself and say that she knew better, but had only made a mistake in selecting the instruments.  Yea, right! Surely, this is what she imagined:

She wised up before I was born and did not let her OB doctor cut the tip of my penis off!  Thankfully, today I am intact and enjoy using my foreskin!