Is Your Genital Skin Color Darker Than the Rest of Your Body?

If you have looked at lots of pictures of dicks and balls as I have, you will surely have noticed that the skin color of the penis and scrotum is often several shades darker that the rest of the skin.  This is true of women as well.  However, there are some caucasian males that do not have darker skin in the area as in this picture:

It has been suggested that this may be related to our genetic heritage.  For example, light skinned blacks may have had dark African people in their heritage.  I have been told by some caucasians with Native American heritage that there genitals are also darker.

This blog reaches readers around the world, so I would like some feedback about what you think.  Do you think it is related to genetics or not?  Can you give examples, especially pictures where your dick is darker and you know the explanation.  Please comment and give me your opinions.

I'm also adding a couple of polls in the sidebar related to this question.  Please vote to help us better understand the darker coloration.


Most of us need to maintain anonymity on our blogs.  Thus we create some avatars to use with our pen-name.  Of course, my pen-name is UncutPlus.  This came about some years ago when I was trying to describe myself and yet remain anonymous on another site that I frequently visited.  Since then, I have created a couple of avatars to go with my pen-name:

I primarily use them as a way of identifying myself when leaving a comment on another blogger's site and in my profile.

What I think would be fun, would be for us to show ourselves embedded anonymously somewhere in our own blogs.  I have been asked numerous times if a picture is one of my own penis, and I have shyly yielded away  from giving such specific information for obvious reasons.  Now I will tell you that there is a likeness both of me, and my penis appearing on my blog.  Of course, you will have to decide for yourself which ones you think are my likenesses, because they will remain my secret.  But I have revealed myself.  You are welcome to guess, but I will not entertain any confirmation.  Don't assume that with this post that I have recently added my pictures.  They may have already been there for months!

I would suggest to my fellow bloggers that they do the same.  There are many opportunities to slip your real likeness into a post or in the sidebar without giving yourself away.  If you do, let us know that you have done so, so we can start guessing.

Ever Thought of Producing a Film? The LRC

After watching many porn videos, I came up with an idea for such a film which I suggested to a top well-known producer of male porn which feature only eastern European intact cocks.  Here it is:

I have fond remembrances of my college days pre-HIV. Here is a story idea from those days; I’ve always thought it would make a great movie. I could spend hours there and often did with cum-shooting after cum-shooting. Though it may look impractical to stage, it could be done relatively cheaply with the fixtures, but without the actual plumbing. The urinals were the type that were flat against the wall protruding 6-8 inches and about 4 feet high. See photo.

When I was in college, some of our classes were held in the LRC – Learning Resource Center. You would not believe what all I learned there. On an outdoor hallway was a Men’s restroom that was the crusiest one ever! It consisted of two rooms, and the outside door with very squeaky hinges led to the first room which consisted of a row of 4 sinks and shelves to hold books and bookbags. From the sinkroom, you went through another squeaky-hinged door to a room with 4 urinals and 3 stalls. The middle stall’s door had been removed, but the two other stalls still had their doors. There were beautiful round smooth gloryholes between each of the stalls, so the guy in the middle stall had action from both sides, and since his door was removed also had lots of action from the guys standing at the urinals in front of him. Here is a layout of the two rooms:
Now it was not unusual for all 3 stalls and all 4 urinals to be in use! Guys at the urinals were sporting hard-ons and showing them off to each other – at least until the squeaky hinges alerted them to suddenly be discrete again and hide their dicks inside the tall urinals, and stalls #1 & #3 to close their doors.
After everything calmed down, they were back at it – showing off their dicks, inviting their mates to touch their dicks which led to blowjobs. Of course none of this was lost on the guys in the stalls, who were either watching or participating in what was going on out in front of them at the urinals, or more likely what was coming at them through the gloryholes! What I learned about the male anatomy! Long skinny dicks, fat dicks, curved dicks, black dicks, white dicks, latino dicks, cut dicks and uncut dicks! Most of the dicks were cut (being in the US), but my favorites were those uncut ones with a lot of foreskin like my own. My tongue up in that foreskin encircling those juicy heads! I soon learned that black dicks had extra silky smooth skin, but with scratchy kinky pubic hair! And that black dicks were usually “show-ers” rather than “grow-ers” but still usually bigger than white dicks, which proved to be no myth. The biggest dick I ever saw though was on a tall skinny guy. It was a Saturday afternoon when the tearoom was kind of quiet and I was sitting in stall #2. The tall skinny guy came in and went in to stall #3 where he proceeded to show me his dick as I watched him through the gloryhole. It must have been over 12 inches long and I motioned him to come around to the front of my stall, which he did. There he stood with a dick hanging down to about 3 inches above his knees.

He got a hard-on, but it was so big that it would not stand out or up, but just kept hanging down. I grabbed it and tried to suck it. I had both fists around his shaft and still was unable to get the rest of it into my mouth, though I tried awfully hard. It took him a long time, but with my sucking and his hand action, he finally delivered a big load! And to this day, I have never seen another dick that came even close to the size of his. It was so big that I am not sure that it was an advantage. It was too big for almost anything including stuffing it back into his pants! I love to suck all kinds of cocks, but my favorite ones are uncut and so stiff that they spring straight up and try to enter the bellybutton when you turn them loose.
The only thing that was missing in the LRC men’s room was a mirror above the urinals tilted slightly downwards. I often wished to have that kind of view, both while standing at one of the urinals or sitting in stall #2.
What a wonderful two-hour DVD you could make showing all this hand and oral action in the LRC with your young college-age Czech hunks!!!