Women's Opinion of their Man's Circumcision Status

Does this blog have any female viewers?  If so, we need your opinion of your partner's dick.  Is he cut or uncut?  If you have had partners who were cut and uncut, which do you prefer and why?  Also include what country you are from and if religions such as Jewish or Muslim affect your opinion.  Tell us if you plan to have your future baby boys circumcised when they are born -- why or why not?

So ladies, please click on "Post a comment" below and give us your opinion.  We always want to know what our partners think, but may be too embarrassed to ask.  Now is your opportunity, so please respond.

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Biki said...

Yes, my husband is cut. Never got close to an uncut dick, but have always have wanted to get up close and personal with one at least once. America, no religion truly.
We have 4 sons and at that time period were not even given a choice really, the baby doctor just said it was going to be done. A friend of ours had to fight with the doctor to keep their son intact, same time period, same hospital.
Do I regret not fighting them now? Yes, I do. If only I had of known then what I know now......

I thought your blog had been abandoned, you haven't updated in simply forever! Glad to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Maggie.
I have had a good deal of experience with men, both cut (I live in the US) and uncircumcised (I live in NY and have traveled to Europe and South America). I very much prefer men who have their foreskins.

A penis with a foreskin is more beautiful to me; often cut ones look scarred and harsh. I love to see the skin move over the head. Playing with a natural cock is much more fun; it gets addicting! There is something wonderful and mysterious about the way the sweet folded skin hides and reveals the head. It looks really hot when he is hard and the skin is stretch back.

BUT, what is best is the way the foreskin feels when the penis is inside you. Especially on a nice thick one, the foreskin slides so nicely, it makes fucking easier and much more pleasant, and for a longer time without getting sore! The first time I was penetrated by a big thick uncut cock, the feeling was so exciting that I could feel it for days afterward.


Lady said...

I agree with Maggie. My guy's uncut cock is a thing of beauty. I love that it's hidden under a very suggestive covering that glides smoothly when my hand is wrapped around it. I want to touch him all the time. I love it when he's on his knees between my legs and I can jack him as though his cock belongs to me! Aaaahhhh...uncut penis envy!

The fact that we can fuck for hours without getting sore is just icing on the cake. He glides in, his head rubs in just the right spot, and he never has to pull out for it to give me the same sensation a cut cock does, only by totally pulling out and re-entering. It is pure heaven to fuck an uncut cock. We never need lube and I'm almost 60.

I didn't allow my former husband to talk me into getting our son circumcised. He's now almost 30 and has thanked me numerous times.